Danny & Aki

Danny & Aki are a Dublin-based fiddle-accordion duo. Their repertoire is a fresh mixture of music from Irish, American and Nordic traditions. Danny’s open-tuned fiddle and Aki’s modified button accordion together create a unique drone-rich, sparsely ornamented style that brings out the elegant simplicity and timeless beauty of these traditional melodies. The sound is firmly rooted in the tradition, yet their interpretations make the music distinctively their own.” 

Danny & Aki will play at this years festival in the unique venue of the Ceilí House in Corrigan’s Craft, right in the centre of the village on Sunday the 23rd at 5.30pm. Admission €5

For more information on Danny & Aki see dannyandaki.com or facebook.com/dannyandaki


By musicunderthemountains Posted in 2012

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