Music under the Mountains 2011 photographs

Unfortunately I missed a lot of the concerts this year, so if anyone has some good shots of the weekend please do send them in via this email >>>

Saturday night’s concert was held in the parlor of Tutty’s house adjacent to the pub – a beautiful old-style room that was ideal for the music of Josephine Marsh & Mick Kinsella.

Happy birthday to CJ


Emer Mayock & Donal Siggins joined by Cormac Breatnach

Eric Greaves opens the 2009 Music Under the Mountains festival in the Hollywood Inn, Hollywood, Co Wicklow.

Emer & Donal kicked the music off, later joined by Cormac in a night of superb music.

The lighting was blighting for photographs, the mirror in the background was a flash nightmare, and the microphones (as usual) got in the way, but none of that affected the musicians. It was a stunning gig to open the festival and although the numbers attending were down it didn’t have any impact on the music, which was all the more special as so much of it was composed by the performers themselves.