Sessions – Sunday evening + The Tin Box Company

You can see Joe, from Arc, on guitar here – joining in now to the session after listening in for a while from the side, after attending John Doyle’s workshop on the previous morning, after performing the night before with the band, after week’s of rehearsal, after years of practice and listening, after encouragement and example from his family, after generations of the same arc being redrawn time and again, over and over, gently and without fuss.

Singing us all into a sympathetic silence.

This one is actually a family portrait if you read it closely enough.

And if you didn’t know better, you’d almost imagine the tie was worn for the sake of this picture – what a beautiful parallel line it makes for the flute!


Meanwhile, across the road, Dan’s Thai instrument, a khene, specially made in G for trad, was soaring through a few tunes with a few others lingering like yourself as long as possible before the inevitable departure …

… and Frank was discussing with Eibhlis the finer points of Irene’s French rosin (in French!) …

and out of the blue (to some at least) the wildcard act, bluegrass band, The Tin Box Company, started up a notch or two higher their set in the front bar …

… and eventually it is time to go.

But leaving is hard. One more, maybe, across the road?

And sure there’s always Ciaran Carson’s book “Last Night’s Fun” for something of the spirit of the thing in words.

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