Session – Friday, The Hollywood Inn

It was probably going a while by the time the concert goers arrived, cause there was already a kicking feel to it. But when you consider where it got by the end of the night, it was still only really warming up at midnight. The most amazing part of it was to see Liz Carroll herself sitting there among so many admirers, joining in, and then finding others starting up her tunes in a kind of gentle thank you.

Did I count 9 fiddles at one stage? Was that 5 flutes? 2 banjos. Boxes. A drum or two, and bones. And then, John Doyle … yes, John Doyle playing guitar in the middle of it all!

“Is that a mandolin, I see before me?” says Eric. (But he was still too much in admin mode on Friday night to join in.)

(“I think Bridie has rhubarb up at the house. Come on!”)

Bellows and bongos!

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